The High Aims Consortium believes in the active engagement of students and community in the educational process. Research shows that the more students are able to experience personalized learning, the more successful they are in school.  Also, students who are engaged in learning tend to perform considerably higher on achievement tests than others.

The High Aims consortium is committed to learning and developing effective ways to enhance student engagement and motivation to learning. Some of these strategies are listed below:

1. Emphasize the importance of creating safe and positive classroom environments which enhance students self worth and belief.

2. Create authentic assessments to inform instruction.

3. Create an educational setting where the student(s) are empowered to own their learning and where the teacher is the facilitator.

4. Create an environment where parents and community members are informed and have opportunities to be engaged.


High Aims school districts also understand the importance of voice and choice. ENGAGEMENT of students, staff, parents, and community makes learning meaningful.

Strategies to promote engagement within all areas:


  1. Build Relationships

  2. Tell Stories of Triumph and Tragedy

  3. Serving Others

  4. Solve Real Problems

  5. Champion a Cause

  6. Be Passionate

  7. Invite Reflection